Despite wet weather, Sugar Bowl fans had fun

Despite wet weather, Sugar Bowl fans had fun

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Thousands of college football fans are hitting the roads and skies this morning after the Sugar Bowl Monday night.

Oklahoma handed Auburn a 35-19 loss in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

Despite wet weather and the loss for Auburn, fans had nothing but praise for the city, saying they are pleased with their holiday weekend in New Orleans.

"Weekend's been great. Unfortunately, it rained so we couldn't enjoy quite as much but we've had a good time, fantastic time at the game," said Jos Edison.

"We had a wonderful time here in New Orleans," said Shannon Morgan. "Food was excellent, people were so hospitable to us, it was really a nice weekend."

Some Auburn players heading out of their hotel said despite the loss, New Orleans is a great place to spend New Year's weekend.

Oklahoma fans were still riding high after the big win.

Many were seen early this morning with drinks still in hand, continuing last night's celebration into the early morning hours.

Local business owners say despite less than ideal weather, they still had good sales.

New Year's weekend is typically one of the busiest here in the city.

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