Hagan's House: Late-night tennis is where it's at

Hagan's House: Late-night tennis is where it's at

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Personally, it's one of my favorite times of the sports year. NFL playoff football, NBA basketball, NCAA basketball and Australian Open tennis all happening at the same time.

And surprise! It's the latter that probably gets me the most hyped up.

It's not necessarily convenient for tennis fans in many parts of the world (prime time matches are often played at 3 a.m.), but that's what makes it so awesome. There's nothing like pushing yourself to stay up all night or as long as you can and watch a classic battle of two tennis legends. The most exciting matchups will start this weekend in the round of 16.

This is your heads up and warning to get on board. You won't regret it.

Will Serena break the open era singles record? Will Djokovic continue his dominance in Australia after losing the world number one ranking to Andy Murray? Will Federer prove he still has some gas in the tank and make a run at another major?

These are all of the storylines you get a few minutes of on national highlight shows, but watching them play out is some of the most thrilling sports television you'll see. The drama and tension of the big points, games and sets is unlike any other tennis major.

It's also surprisingly easy to get on board. I've had many a friend, not always big tennis followers like myself, that get wrapped up in the grand slams, and for good reason.

Parity has reached such a level in men's tennis that we haven't seen in a while now that Federer and Nadal are on the decline. Djokovic has never FULLY seized the throne. That's what makes the game most balanced and fun to watch right now. And you better believe when the great matchups come around in a few days, I'll be up for all of them.

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