Heist at Haydel's Bakery has king cake lovers angry

Heist at Haydel's Bakery has king cake lovers angry

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - It is the heist that has king cake lovers up in arms. Someone stole a truck filled with Mardi Gras supplies from Haydel's Bakery parking lot overnight.

Surveillance cameras rolled as a person cloaked in a hoodie broke into a 24-foot long supply truck in the Haydel's Bakery parking lot.

"He was probably trying to figure out which wires to pull together, get the right wires," said owner Dave Haydel, Sr.

Without keys, employees at Haydel's think the person hot wired the truck, and then took off.

"It really makes me mad that someone would just walk in and take your stuff like that, it's crazy," Dave Haydel, Jr., said.

Inside the truck were pieces of cardboard that king cakes are placed on and bags that the king cakes are sold in.

"Can't imagine what they're even going to do with that stuff, are they trying to make the king cakes," asked customer Dominique Augustine.

"It would be of no use to them, it's all labeled Haydels Bakery. I think they were trying to steal the truck for the truck," Haydel, Jr. said.

A big, white truck is not exactly inconspicuous.

"It's not like something you can just tuck under somewhere," Haydel Jr., said.

While the search for the king cake supply caper continues, there is no raining on this carnival parade.
"This won't ruin Mardi Gras, we have insurance. This is just a bump in the road," Haydel, Jr. said.

But it is a somewhat sour start to a sweet carnival tradition.

Haydel's is now in the process of ordering more supplies to be able to package and ship all those cakes. The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office is looking for the stolen truck.

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