GRAPHIC: JP Councilman Chris Roberts' letter to colleagues

Published: Feb. 1, 2017 at 1:10 AM CST
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(WVUE) - Dear Colleagues:

I have been contacted by residents expressing concern about the creation of an education Task Force by Parish President Yenni.  Additionally, I have also been told by multiple sources that text messages exchanged between the Parish President and the young man included solicitation to perform oral sex by the desire to place his tongue into the young mans rectum.   This to me is far more extreme than the portrayal to date that has been brushed off as innocent communications that went astray or simply were misunderstood. 

Given recent developments of a newly created Task Force to deal with education, I have a heightened concern of what we are doing within parish government to ensure our youth are protected.   Further given the community representatives who have now agreed to take part in this endeavor, I know many of them to be of high integrity and respected throughout our community.  In fairness to them they must be made aware of how this could be looked upon. 

Some parents have contacted my office asking whether or not Mr. Yenni will be attending Family Gras.  Frankly, I do not know how to appropriately reply.  

Since a private conversation between myself and Councilwoman Van Vrancken has made its way to Mr. Vargas, I cannot help at this point but to make you all aware of these allegations and to ask this council what more we as a body should we be doing to ensure no one becomes a target of such solicitations again. 

It was my desire to have this conversation with each of you privately.   However, since it is now public by the actions of one of you, I urge all of you to further investigate the content of the messages and determine for yourself whether this is how we want the face of our parish to be represented. 

From the start this has not been an easy situation for any of us.   Now however, I see many falling back into normal routines and acting as if this either did not occur or it is acceptable for us as a parish.   I tend to believe that if the public is made aware of what I know to be true, their opinions would likely be expressed far greater than has been the case in recent months. 


Chris Roberts

Councilman Chairman

Jefferson Parish

East Bank Office: 504-736-6612

West Bank Office: 504-364-2617

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