29 new recruits join the ranks of the NOPD

29 new recruits added to the NOPD

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - They're the newest officers in the New Orleans Police Department.

29 new officers honored Friday at a ceremony featuring some familiar faces and even retired Army General Russell Honore.

"The city is working to recruit, hire and train the best and the brightest to joins the ranks of the New Orleans Police Department," said Honore.

The celebration comes just weeks after a federal report found "risk indicators" in a third of NOPD's active recruits.
Some of which include: self reported drug use, termination by prior employers, and prior NOPD arrests.

After the report, Superintendent Michael Harrison said he took quick action when the problems were brought to his attention, but he stands by his department and their efforts to grow the force.

"None of us are hiring angels or saints, or people in heaven. We are hiring human beings," Harrison said.

He added the department is confident in who it chooses to hire.

While the federal monitor report found issues with it's recruits, it did not indicate whether any recruits were or were not qualified to be officers in the NOPD.

The New Orleans Police force currently stands at 1,000 officers. It's long term goal is to have a force of 1,600.

Friday's ceremony was held in the auditorium of McDonogh 35 Preparatory High School.

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