National Guard on round-the-clock patrol in N.O. East

National Guard rolls out patrols

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Soldiers with the Louisiana National Guard are on round-the-clock patrols in New Orleans East as the -area begins the process of recovery from Tuesday's tornado.

The National Guard has set up 16 checkpoints, making sure belongings and properties are safe. They said for every 10 cars that come through, nine are turned away. The checkpoints started Tuesday night and remained throughout the day.

Many homes have gaping holes in them and their property has been tossed around.

The guardsmen on the ground also have air support, and a spokesman said there were no instances of anyone sneaking into the neighborhoods.

"At the forefront of our mind, we're making sure that the property is taken care of and anybody that's trying to come into these neighborhoods, they actually belong there and they are citizens and residents of that particular neighborhood," said Maj. Nick Acosta.

It's unknown how long these checkpoints will last.

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