Carnival lovers say violence near parades not a concern

Carnival lovers say violence near parades not a concern

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - There were at least fifty officers in the vicinity of a shooting near the Pygmalion parade Saturday night that injured two people, one a 17-year old boy.

"We had many officers right there, we even had officers from the Kenner police department assisting us. Working in this area traditionally we have problems in this area so we staffed it pretty heavily," said NOPD Chief Michael Harrison.

Harrison said his officers were in the middle of breaking up a fight on St. Charles near Lee Circle when they heard the gunfire and quickly responded.

Still, residents know, even with police present, violence can erupt.

"They barely value their own life. They're not thinking of anyone else you know, so they don't really care these days even if the police are right there," said Thaddeus Barnes, who was watching Sunday parades with his family at Lee Circle.

That's why Barnes said he won't even think about bringing his kids to a parade after the sun sets.

"If it's a daytime one I feel [less] reluctant to come out with them. If I'm going out at night I'm going to be more careful and not really bring them. I might come out with my wife, but as far as the kids, no, not at all," Barnes said.

For some people, watching the Krewe of Carrollton Sunday, the recent violence is disconcerting, but not enough to move them off their parade plot.

"Don't let the negativity keep you away from having a good time. They're going to continue to parade anyway just because someone decided to do something bad or foul that's not gonna make me stop coming to the parade," said Eric Scott, who was visiting from Mississippi with friends.

Other parade watchers said they understand the risk and during Carnival season, it's worth it.

"You can't be afraid, you can't let fear stop you from living your life or doing whatever you're supposed to do. Mardi Gras, everybody goes, New Orleans in general you know, there's a risk associated with that but if you take the precautions and you're careful and watchful then you're going to be OK," said Sarah Blank, who was watching a parade with friends.

The NOPD said it is at full staffing through the weekend with additional help from 165 Louisiana State Police Troopers, the FBI, the Louisiana National Guard, and multiple surrounding Sheriff and police agencies.

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