NOPD's 8th District arrests 32 on gun charges during Carnival

NOPD's 8th District arrests 32 on gun charges during Carnival

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The New Orleans Police Department said it made 373 arrests during the 2017 Carnival season.

Officers in the Eighth district alone, which includes the French Quarter, Marigny and Central Business District, made 32 gun arrests. Officers also found and confiscated two additional guns on the street.

"The efforts of the officers assigned to the Eighth District in identifying and arresting people who chose to bring illegal guns to the French Quarter and downtown area, were a large part of our success," said Eighth District Commander Nicholas Gernon.

The NOPD was also helped by members of the Louisiana State Police, Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office, Tulane University Police, Louisiana Department of Corrections, St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff's Office, St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office, FBI New Orleans, State Fire Marshal, Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office.

Below is a list of those arrested on gun charges in the 8th district over the past 12 days of carnival.

(B-20076-17) 400 block of Bourbon: Carlin Whitfield (DOB: 4/18/1997) and Robert Smith (DOB: 2/13/1992)

(B-19861-17) 200 block of Bourbon: Calvin Ball (DOB: 7/18/1980)

(B-20066-17) 300 block of Bourbon: Neal Cannon (DOB: 11/3/90)

(B-20079-17) Magazine and Poydras: Jerome Watkins (DOB: 10/8/1980)

(B-21241-17) 700 block of Canal: Terrence Cline (DOB: 5/22/1990)

(B-21342-17) 500 block of Bourbon: Lance White (DOB: 9/4/98) and Juvenile, 16 years old

(B-21163-17) 900 block of Canal: Terrell Adams (DOB: 5/9/89)

(B-22497-17) 100 block of Bourbon: Michael Adams (DOB: 7/25/1996)
(B-22340-17) 500 block of Bourbon: Jaquwyne Williams (DOB: 8/24/1999)

(B-25699-17) 800 block of Canal: Allegra Peters (DOB: 8/31/1988)

(B-27067-17) 100 block of Bourbon: Joshua Cyrus (DOB: 8/10/1994)

(B-27078-17) 300 block of Bourbon: Jerayelyn Griffin (DOB: 8/18/1994) and Justin Jones  (DOB: 9/5/1994)

(B-27994-17) 500 block of Bourbon: Devalle Bourgeois (DOB: 5/5/1996)

(B-28020-17) 100 block of Royal: Eddie Williams (DOB: 3/25/1978)

(B-28167-17) 100 block of Royal:  Derreck Duncan (DOB: 8/18/1986)

(B-28350-17) 700 block of Canal: Romalice Webster (DOB: 3/2/1999) .

(B-29817-17) 700 block of St. Peter: Chelsea Grizzle (DOB: 1/7/1992)

(B-30152-17) 300 block of Bourbon: Shawn Boyd (DOB: 10/28/1992).

(B-31152-17) 300 block of Bourbon: Robert Rainey (DOB: 4/3/1998)

(B-31480-17) 300 block of Bourbon: Travis Jones (DOB: 7/18/1998)

(B-31135-17) 440 block of Bourbon: Charlie Martin(DOB: 04/03/1973)

(B-30221-17) 1000 block of Iberville: Tremel Lyle Gipson  (DOB: 06/15/95)

(B-32433-17) 700 block of Canal: Calvin Peters (DOB: 1/24/1991) 
and Jason Lykes (DOB: 5/12/1991)

(B-32692-17) 400 block of Bourbon: Kyle Collins (DOB: 9/26/1995)

(B-32795-17) 400 block of Bourbon: Jason Leblanc (DOB: 3/27/1998), Spence Dupre (DOB: 2/20/1995) and Konrad Williams (DOB: 3/24/1997)

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