101-year-old Bogalusa woman targeted 6 times by burglars

101-year-old Bogalusa resident robbed multiple times
Updated: Mar. 27, 2017 at 4:38 PM CDT
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BOGALUSA, LA (WVUE) - An elderly Bogalusa woman who's lived an extraordinary life will turn 102 next month. And even more astounding than her age is the fact that thieves have targeted her in a series of robberies.

Most of the victim's 101 years have been quiet and fulfilling. For the past 74 years, she's lived in the same quaint house on N. Columbia Street. But in the past year and a half, things have changed - and not for the better. We've chosen to conceal her identity for her protection.

"Now I have an alarm system here. But they still got in. I don't know if it's one or two or what, but I decided they gotta be nuts," the victim said.

Saturday night marks the sixth time someone has broken into the home since October 2015. The broken glass and boarded windows show how this thief or thieves get in, each time looking for cash.

"Every (break-in) has been in a different room in my house," the victim said. "First time was in my utility room. Then I had one here. I had one in the den. And I had two in the bedroom."

After the second and third times, she installed the security system. And in one instance the family says police were close to chasing down the robber in her backyard. The woman says whoever is targeting her is crafty, bold and heartless.

"You won't believe this," the victim said. "When they come in, I am in my bedroom sleeping. And you know I'm hard of hearing. And they come into my bedroom - that's where my purse usually is, on my dresser - they open it, they go and get the money out of my purse and get out. And I don't hear 'em.

Her family thinks it's the same person every time. On Saturday there was more damage than usual, but thankfully, the woman wasn't home.

"At first I thought it's gotta be kids, you know, but they're doing too much to be able to break out things like they are. But they are coming into this house with the alarm on," she said.

Bogalusa Police say they have a good idea who's behind the crimes. The woman's surveillance camera captured a photo of a man in the latest robbery attempt Saturday. Police are using the image and DNA evidence left behind to zero in on the suspect.

"We have some good leads in that case," said Police Chief Kendall Bullen. "I feel confident we'll make an arrest in that case probably by the day's end. My guys are out there looking for him."

Until an arrest is made, the woman is left to grapple with one of the toughest questions she's likely had to face in her 101 years.

"I don't know why - I mean, I don't know why people would be doing this and why they're picking me out," she said.

Police ask anyone with information to call the Bogalusa Police Department at (985) 732-3611.

The woman's family plans to stay with her until an arrest is made.

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