Livestream ends violently inside N.O. restaurant, owner blames trolls

Updated: Apr. 24, 2017 at 10:25 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A man's social media live stream ended violently after he walked into a New Orleans restaurant on April 20 and the restaurant owner smashed his camera.

The owner, whose establishment is on S. Claiborne Avenue, declined to talk on camera but told FOX 8 that he broke the streamer's camera after someone called his store with a warning.

The streamer goes by the name Ice_Poseidon and is an internet gamer who streams his experiences wherever he visits. Ice_Poseidon has more than 290,000 followers, according to the website where the video was live streamed.

The streamer, who is from California, has posted his live experiences from cities such as Las Vegas, Miami and San Francisco. Often, he brings his camera into businesses. One such video was streamed inside the MGM Grand Casino.

On Thursday, Ice_Poseidon streamed in New Orleans, walked the streets, took an Uber ride and went inside several places. The places he visited before the restaurant did not have an issue with what he was doing.

However, multiple times during the live feed, the streamer told his audience he was headed to the restaurant on S. Claiborne. While en route to the restaurant, someone watching live posted in the comment section, saying "I told them that Paul Denino was coming and he's a threat."

The restaurant owner said 15 minutes before Ice_Poseidon and his friends showed up, someone called his restaurant warning him about a man planning to shoot people while he live streamed from inside. Coming off the events in Cleveland where a man killed another man on video and then posted it to Facebook, the store owner said he wasn't willing to take any chances.

FOX 8 legal analyst Joe Raspanti said no matter the circumstances, the restaurant owner did not have the right to break a camera.

"The other person allegedly calling up, it doesn't matter," Raspanti said. "It doesn't seem like the [owner] reacted in that way anyway. He just told the guy turn your camera off, which he had a right to do, then I think he went too far by allegedly breaking this guy's camera. So that's going past the line."

Even though a restaurant is a private business, anyone can freely take video inside the establishment until they're asked to stop or if a "no filming" notice is posted, according to Raspanti.

"It depends on the type of business. If I have a restaurant that people come in and out of off the street, there's really a lessened expectation of privacy," Raspanti said. "Using an example of a law office, if somebody walks in and goes past the receptionist and walks down the hallway in a lawyer's office and starts taping them, that may be a little different - or a doctor's office, even more so. It depends on the place."

Tiffany Starnes with the digital marketing agency Starnes Solutions warns that people should be careful when going live because anything is possible and anything can happen.

"The real-time nature of what these trolls and what these online commenters can do is growing and becoming really kind of crazy," Starnes said. "This specific case escalated quickly. When you're going into a situation and you're streaming live, you need to be prepared for the best possible things to happen but also be prepared for some negative things to happen and have an action plan accordingly."

Starnes also advises business owners be as accommodating to live streamers as possible because a negative reaction to a live post can go viral.

"Just as I would warn business owners that this is going to keep happening, it's important to arm the live streamers and the publishers. This is a very new media. This is brand new and the rules are kind of being made as we go along. It's a little of the Wild West. Enter at your own risk, but be prepared for what that might mean," Starnes said.

According to the streamer, all of his recording equipment was broken after the scuffle.

Ice_Poseidon did not file a report with the New Orleans Police Department and he could not be reached for comment.

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