Cut Off Elementary School dries out after floodwaters invaded the campus

Cut Off Elementary School dries out after floodwaters invaded the campus

CUT OFF, LA (WVUE) - At Cut Off Elementary School, fast action and lots of muscle left the floors in better shape mere hours after Tuesday's heavy and rapid rain waters invaded the school building.

"So the janitors were monitoring the front doors and all of a sudden they had a janitor ran into my office and said it was flooding in the school and they couldn't stop it," said Principal Deborah Griffin.

The water took advantage of any area it could slip into and made its way to classrooms and the school lounge.

"The water just came up so fast it just didn't have time to drain as it normally would have, if you look here where the parking lot is, the yellow curb, the drain is right underneath it, that's where the water went up to and on this side of the wall here there's a wall of windows, the water came in there under the windows and started flooding the hallways," Griffin stated.

Fortunately, the loss of instructional materials was not significant.

"It is the summer, so what saved us was everything in the classrooms was put into the hallways and most of the teachers had their things packed in plastic containers, so it got wet but it was okay.  Some of the teachers had their things in cardboard boxes and crates, those are the things we lost. Dictionaries, Thesauruses for the classroom, some of our reading books, library books," Griffin stated.

The flooding crept into about a dozen homes during the bad weather according some parish officials. But most homeowners only got a scare as the water inched toward their steps in some locations.

Back at the school, the principal who retires at the end of June is grateful the frightening weather experienced did not happen when the campus was filled with students.

"Not having the students here made a big difference, we are a pre-K to 5th grade school and some of our kids do get scared and nervous when we do have bad weather, so it did make a tremendous not having the kids here," she said.

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