Gentilly Terrace residents express concern over three month water leak

Gentilly Terrace residents express concern over three month water leak

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Some Gentilly residents say their complaints about a massive water leak are falling on deaf ears. But tonight the Sewerage and Water Board says that it is working on a complex problem.

Water from a hole on Filmore Avenue was running like a river Sunday, and homeowners say it's been like that since Mardi Gras.

"It's getting worse, kids can't play, you can't check your mail," said St Roch St. resident Jameika Snyder.

"You need a boat to get in and out, that's my house," said neighbor Allen Sumas.

For more than three months now, Gentilly Terrace residents have dealt with fast moving, deep water on St Roch.

"Is that downright ridiculous or what!" said Sumas.

The water makes it difficult  to walk on the sidewalk, and tough to drive, resulting in a portion of Filmore being blocked off.

The barricade is down, and some worry about kids who play at a nearby playground falling in.

"That's an eight-foot deep hole, what can a child do," said Snyder.

Sumas has lived at his current home for more than 40 years, and says the leak recently caused a crash, in which a car nearly hit his house.

"It was only this far from the gas meter, it would have blown up my house," said Sumas.

"I had to cancel the party, no one had a place to park, it's nightmare," said Snyder, referring to a birthday party she was planning at her home.

Residents say the leak, has affected water pressure.

"It affects my dishwasher and shower, this has been going on for several months," said resident William Halsell.

And several residents tell us their sinks don't drain.

"It's getting worse, my kids can't brush their teeth in there," said Snyder.

"Every time they came, they work for an hour. Twenty people look at it and say let's go home," said Sumas.

To make matters worse, Jameika Snyder says her sewerage and water bill has gone up- astronomically.

"I have a $3500 water bill from sewerage and water board," said Snyder.

Until the work is fixed, the Snyder family plays indoors....their basketball goal unusable.

"You think if they have water on any tourist street, they're not going to work on that as soon as possible," said Snyder.

"Do their job, I would like to see them do what they are supposed to do as a taxpayer," said Halsell.

FOX 8 reached out to a New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board spokesperson for an update on the water main work. The spokesperson says that the Sewerage and Water Board is working on a 50-inch water main break. The spokesperson adds that crews are trying to perform the repair work, so that it impacts the fewest number of people. The work involves checking out a series of valves to get the right combination. The spokesperson also adds that the Sewerage and Water Board is working with Jameika Snyder to resolve her billing issue.

The Gentilly Terrace Association has reached out to councilman Jared Brossett's office for help, and they are looking into the matter.

The association is holding a meeting Wednesday night at Gentilly Terrace School on Painters Street. The spokesperson says that the leak will likely be discussed.

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