Bourbon Street construction project resumes Wednesday

Bourbon Street repair work begins

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Repairs on Bourbon Street will resume after the Fourth of July holiday.

Starting Wednesday morning, the 200 block of Bourbon Street will close to traffic.

For the next few weeks, traffic will not be able to cross Bourbon Street on Conti Street.

Officials say the closure should not last more than 75 days.

The $6 million infrastructure improvement project was originally scheduled in phases.

Sections of the drainage lines under the street are completely blocked or have collapsed.

Sewer and drainage lines will be replaced to improve both the infrastructure and the smell in the area.

Construction delays have forced the first two phases of the project to overlap.

Fencing along the construction site funnels crowds onto the sidewalks of Bourbon.

"After we left Essence Fest, we came over here to hang out, and we ran into this. It was just a pain having to deal with that," tourist Kenneth Gainwell said.

Employees in the 100 and 300 block of Bourbon wanted to remain anonymous. They said the construction negatively impacts business.

People walking along the sidewalk pass by regularly when they have construction by their side.

"It's not that great for all the employees. I mean people come to Bourbon Street because it's a great tourist attraction, but it's really slowing it down for us," The Beach employee Brittany Becker said.

The Beach in the 200 block of Bourbon has seen foot traffic decline since construction started, but employees do admit the repairs are needed.

Right outside the door, water spews out of a broken pipe into the street and collects along the curb, and a peek over the fencing shows construction is coming along.

"It will put me back for a while, but I think it's a good idea. It needs to happen," Becker said. "You've been on Bourbon Street. You see it. It's got to happen."

The new completion date for construction work in the 100 block of Bourbon Street is early August.

The timeline for the portion of the project in the 300 block Bourbon Street is currently scheduled for completion in mid-August.

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