Brees loves Adrian Peterson's intensity on the field

Brees loves Adrian Peterson's intensity on the field

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - Drew Brees is a ball of energy for the Black and Gold. He's the emotional and vocal leader of the offense. This training camp though, #9 might've met his equal when it comes to passion for the game in Adrian Peterson.

"I have played in some Pro Bowls with him. I knew his level on intensity, because even in the Pro-Bowl it can be kind of chill there in the beginning," said Drew Brees. "His level of intensity when he was running the ball is far beyond what was the typical tempo. You could tell the type of player and mentality he had when he steps between the lines, it doesn't matter whether it's a preseason game, playoff game or the Pro-Bowl."

Peterson hasn't played a preseason snap since 2011. Brees will play some exhibition games in 2017, we just don't know which ones.

"I do whatever Sean Payton decides in regards to the playing time. Each year the objective might be a little different. There was a time here when we were earlier in the program here that we were more to the script of the traditional first preseason game a quarter, second preseason game two quarters, so on and so forth. I think as we have gone along here you just have to pay attention to your roster and the veteran guys, who you want to give rest to and who you want to see more from, and more reps and that type of thing," said Brees.

On Tuesday Payton will decide the snap counts for Thursday's game, including those of #9.

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