Grayson enters pivotal third season with Saints

Updated: Aug. 14, 2017 at 5:19 PM CDT
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(WVUE) - It's year three for Garrett Grayson and it's clear he's at a crossroads in his Saints' career.

"I told myself coming into this camp just to let it rip and let it go." Grayson said. "I think in my first two years, I was thinking a lot trying to be perfect. I think when you try to be perfect and try not to make those mistakes, that's when you make them. So I told myself, just go out there and if you miss on a throw, so be it. But don't let it be because you were trying to hit that perfect spot. Just let it go and throw like I've thrown my whole life."

It's what he did Thursday night in Cleveland with mixed results. He finished 11/16 for 126 yards but also had a turnover that proved costly.

"That was something that, obviously, Coach Payton was not too happy about, and I wasn't either," Grayson said. "I put our defense in a tough spot and they got seven points out of it. We all know the final score of the game, if they don't score then we may go out there and win that game."

Grayson's rookie year was the only year under Sean Payton that the Saints have ever kept three quarterbacks  .. It's unlikely that they do it again unless one proves they're too good to let go.

"We'll keep three if we feel like the third has earned a spot," Payton said. "These guys are competing. I'd say Ryan and I think Garrett had a good day today. I think for him this offseason and season we've seen change."

But will it be enough for Grayson to stick around in 2017? The wait won't be much longer to find out.

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