City issues update on repairs, as residents work to make repairs

City issues update on repairs, as residents work to make repairs

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The city of New Orleans just put out a statement that says one more drainage pump has been repaired, bringing the number of working pumps to 105 out of 120.

With the sewerage and water board in the midst of a major restructuring, some flood victims say they are still not getting the help they need.

On Hope Street in the Seventh Ward, there remains a glimmer of hope for a brighter future and real beds.

"This is what we been sleeping on, these two at night," said Ronnie Felder.

The Felders got two feet of water in their home two weeks ago, and still seek help with interim housing, food and furniture.

"I'm frustrated because I can't afford to get the things that I need," said Denise Felder.

While dozens of residents regroup, containment boom remains on standby in the Leonidas Canal, after a big diesel leak from the main water treatment plant last week. The New Orleans Fire Department says their investigation is ongoing and it's still not clear how a large quantity of diesel escaped a containment berm.

As repairs on pumps continue, our partners at Times-Picayune reports that Sewerage and Water Board Executive Director Cedric Grant could officially resign early this week, nearly three months earlier than he first announced. The mayor is still putting together an interim management team, and Deputy Director Robert Miller has agreed to stay on until mid-October, after accepting a position in Jackson.

"I was sad to see it and prefer that you not leave, but I understand you are," Landrieu told Miller last week.

While the Felders wait for food, furniture and a place to stay, they have gotten some help. The Red Cross furnished them with this container filled with cleaning supplies.

Though the Felders had no insurance, their landlord is paying to have new sheetrock put in, as they wait to have their home made whole again.

"I wish we could have it by today," said Ron.

But it's clear it will take a while longer, as the Sewerage and Water Board tries to get its drainage apparatus up to speed.

The city says it saw 520 people last week at its flood recovery center and will continue to try and provide assistance, along with other charities.

City officials also say they have cleaned over 450 catch basins since the August 5 flood. They also say 16 generators are now connected and ready to help power pumps, as turbine repairs continue.

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