After Further Review: Saints film study, Ryan Ramczyk

Updated: Aug. 23, 2017 at 9:15 PM CDT
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(WVUE) - In his NFL debut against the Chargers, rookie left tackle Ryan Ramczyk played 25 snaps; 21 of those snaps were viewed as positive.


His best play may have been his first play. In a two tight end set with Josh Hill lined up outside of him, Ramczyk pushed Melvin Ingram completely
out of the play and even spun him around as running back Alvin Kamara cut right behind him and raced fifty yards for a touchdown. It was a perfectly executed play but it was his block that kick-started it.

He did the exact same thing on the offense's second play from scrimmage. This time he had no tight end next to him but was still able to successfully
take Ingram out of the play by riding him to the outside and spinning him around.

Later in the drive Ramczyk flashed his Wisconsin roots with some old fashioned run blocking. This time two tight ends were lined up next to him. Ramczyk pushed Corey Liguet straight back and spun him around as well. The play resulted in a modest gain.

Ramczyk faced Joey Bosa three times in the game, two in the first quarter. Both first quarter reps were solid. His first came on a Chargers
blitz when he moved Bosa to the inside of the line, though that could have been by design for Bosa to go that way with the Chargers' blitz.

Later, he did a nice job of opening up his hips and sealing Bosa, who tried to use a speed rush against him, on a quick pass.


Ramczyk struggled most with the bull rush or when a rusher transferred from speed to power. This is because Ramczyk has a tendency to play
a little high in pass protection. The perfect example came on the final play of the first quarter when Ingram was able to get under his pads on a bull rush and push Ramczyk straight back into Chase Daniel which resulted in a sack.

Ingram successfully transferred speed to power early in the second quarter which threw Ramczyk off balance and backward. Daniel had no chance
but to throw the ball to the ground negating the screen. 

Ingram later took Ramczyk to school when he set him up like he was going outside, then he spun back to the inside. Ramczyk couldn't do anything but lunge at him and commit a hold.

His final snap against Tenny Palepoi produced a similar result. Palepoi used a bullrush to power through and past Ramczyk. Once again, Ramczyk had to hold to avoid the sack.


This was good tape for coaches to teach off of for Ramczyk. He definitely belongs on the field. He has good feet on speed rush and power on
run blocking.

On the flip side, high pad level was the constant in each of his lowlights. If he can get that taken care, he can be a very effective player.

The test won't get any easier this week with J.J. Watt and JaDeveon Clowney coming to town.

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