Bourbon St. construction causes headaches for delivery truck drivers

French Quarter parking ticket complaints

Every day the French Quarter is bustling with delivery after delivery. Making a delivery on or around Bourbon Street, though, isn't easy.

"It's very hard because we have to walk so far. I have to walk down Bourbon to Iberville," says James Dordain.

"I've parked four blocks away. It's a mess," says Anthony Amaru.

The construction project between the 100 and 400 block of Bourbon has been going on since April.

"Bourbon's a mess. You can't park anywhere on Bourbon," says Amaru.

"We don't have nowhere to park, and see, I'm parked here. If they come around, they'll give me a ticket," says Dordain.

"I'm feeling pretty lucky today. I didn't get a ticket," says Darren Ursie.

Delivery truck drivers we talked to say meter maids are constantly giving them tickets. Some admit that they aren't always parked in a freight zone, but they believe they should be given a break considering the construction.

"I'll pull up and the construction people will be parked in the loading zone. I'll have to park blocks away. Sometimes if it's raining I'll park close, but I always get a ticket. I get a ticket almost every day," says Ursie.

We found a freight zone filled with construction equipment.

Some drivers say they try to follow the rules, but sometimes, that isn't enough.

"I parked behind there in a freight zone and I got a ticket. They said I was parked there too long," say Bernard Newell.

"The longer you take, the sure thing of getting a ticket," says Dordain.

"They should do something about it. We are delivering here and they're fixing the street. We can't help that," says Tyrone Lewis.

The city tells FOX 8 that the issue of delivery trucks being cited more often than usual was discussed about a month ago. The city says after receiving the feedback from the businesses, parking enforcement officers have been directed to demonstrate increased leniency in the freight zones located on blocks adjacent to the project site.

"No, I don't think they are at all. If you're going to be lenient, give us a break," says Newell.

The city says it also offers businesses a chance to register vehicles for a program that would allow delivery trucks to park in metered spaces when freight zones aren't available.

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