Irma interrupts travel plans for locals

Irma interrupts travel plans for locals

(WVUE) - "There are people trying to get out. There are people scheduled to go in, but they don't want to be caught in the line of the hurricane," says Carolyn Lawson.

Local travel agents are busy trying to re-arrange or in some cases, cancel vacations for people who planned to travel to Florida.

"I had a group that was supposed to go out of New Orleans on Sunday on the Carnival Dream. Their itinerary was Key West, Freeport and Nassau while Key West, Freeport and Nassau are all in the line of the storm," says Lawson.

According to the Miami Herald, more than a hundred thousand cruise ship travelers had their vacations re-routed to avoid the hurricane.

"Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, MSC, Norwegian, Holland American has ships down there. Many many cruise lines are effected," says Lawson.

Ships that were supposed to leave from Miami canceled their next cruise.

Meanwhile, Disney World in Orlando, is a popular destination this time of year.

"They do offer a lot of specials. They have free dining this time of year. You have a lot of kids in school, but you also have a lot of kids that are home schooled and can go," says Bethany Todd.

Disney World, which rarely closes, is planning to shut down most of its parks from Saturday till Monday. Locals planning to travel there this weekend decided to change their plans.

"Disney was very accommodating. They took and changed everything at no charge," says Todd.

Travel agent Bethany Todd says the family did not purchase travel insurance, which is something she suggests everyone should have this time of year.

"Not everyone is as nice as Disney. You have a lot of companies out there that when it's weather, it's not the company's fault," says Todd.

"If where you're going is hit by a hurricane, or under an evacuation for a hurricane, you can cancel your trip, and the insurance company will refund your money," says Lawson.

Travel agents say it's always a good idea to purchase insurance, but during hurricane season, it could save you a lot of money.

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