After Further Review: Same ol' start for the Saints

Updated: Sep. 12, 2017 at 1:03 AM CDT
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The reality is, it's the exact same record as 14 other teams in the NFL right now. Technically, it's only one game from the  best record in the NFL.

It truly is just one of 16 games.  So why does it feel so different for the Saints? Maybe because it actually feels exactly the same. Four straight years the Saints have lost their season opener. 

"It's just one game," Drew Brees said afterward. 

That's what fans want so desperately to believe. One blemish, with a long season still to go. But they know recent history is not on their side. 

That's why many have let their minds drift to that negative place. Typically, an opening day loss has led to a 1-3 start. A 1-3 start has typically led to a 7-9 season. That's the pattern they've become accustomed to for the last three seasons. They're already fearing a fourth.

Of course, common sense says it is WAY too early to start projecting records based on game one. After all, a lot of very good teams lost their opener. It's absolutely possible that this team goes on a run after beginning 0-1 like they did in 2011, the only other time Sean Payton has lost an opener and still made it to the playoffs. 

No one can definitely say how this season is going to finish. Unfortunately, the way the Saints started  has become all too predictable. 

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