Family remains stranded in Turks and Caicos 5 days after Hurricane Irma

Updated: Sep. 12, 2017 at 9:28 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A former New Orleans resident and his family remain stranded in Turks and Caicos nearly a week after Hurricane Irma pummeled the island.

Mike Jackson is with his wife, his two five-year-old twins, his mother and his mother-in-law after a mix-up with their airline meant they could not evacuate the island before the storm hit.

The resort the Jacksons are staying at is powered by a generator that is supplying electricity to half of it.

The Jacksons rode out the storm inside their room on the second floor. Jackson said at times the water was seeping through the balcony doors.

He said the toughest part about the family's ordeal was something his son said to him while power was knocked out.

"There was no activity. This wasn't fun anymore for anybody, and he realized that," Jackson said. "He said this is the worst day in my life, and I was heartbroken because it was the worst day of my life too. To see him hurt was breaking me."

Irma hit Turks and Caicos last Thursday and Friday and because of damage to the airport, the family remains stuck on the island.

Jackson's resort does have WiFi, but he cannot make calls out and can only receive phone calls. The family has relied on friends and family members for help and social media for information.

"The most frustrating part is trying to communicate and trying to help ourselves actually get off the island directly. We've really relied on the assistance of our friends and family to do the work for us," Jackson said.

Jackson said his representative has been working with multiple agencies in an effort to get his family off the island.

The airport has resumed some operation.

Jackson's family is expected to leave on two different flights this week, one on Thursday and another on Saturday.

Jackson has not left the resort because the island is covered with debris, he said.

Jackson said family is doing fine and able to eat at the one restaurant that has been able to open.

He said one benefit of this ordeal is that his family is closer than ever.

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