Saints fans stream out of Dome early after disappointing home opener

Published: Sep. 17, 2017 at 8:41 PM CDT|Updated: Sep. 17, 2017 at 10:25 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Saints fans were dejected, and a smattering of Patriots fans were on cloud nine, as they left the Mercedes Benz Superdome very early in the fourth quarter of Sunday's game.

Even though there was still a lot of time on the clock, most felt the game was decided very early on, with the Patriots ultimately beating the Saints 36-20.

"We've got places to be," said Saints fan Craig Spindel.

Many were true believers, eager to see the 2017 edition Saints in their home opener.

"I expected it to be a shootout, but for the offense to not show up...that's a surprise," said Saints fan Anthony Parker.

Most pay lots of money for season tickets, but left Sunday afternoon's losing the highly-anticipated game against the Patriots, with plenty of time on the clock.

"We just left a little early. The game got out of hand," said fan Mel Camet.

"You didn't want to stick around for the 4th quarter?" FOX 8 asked. "Not at all, they were pathetic, it wasn't worth the price of admission," said Parker.

In the mix of people pouring out of the dome, a couple, each sporting different colors.

Brandon Sutton's a Saints' fan...his companion, Kayla Kimbell 's all about the Patriots.

"I'm always pleased with the Patriots performance. That was the best QB of all time, Tom Brady," said Sutton.

Patriots fans walked out of the dome, prepared to march on to another Super Bowl.

Saints fans left with dire predictions of the season ahead.

"Hah...we'll be lucky to win five games," said Parker.

"I'm hoping 8 and 8, but I'm realistic, saying 6 and 10," said Camet.

But though they left early, these fans believe their beloved Saints, most say they will bounce back.

"I think they can rebound, get together and we'll see, what they're made of," said Camet.

FOX Sports' Nick Wright predicted the Saints would have a 6-10 record this year. He also predicted they would lose Sunday, same as their season opener against the Vikings Monday night.

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