Vaccaro doesn't know why he was benched in Patriots game

Vaccaro reacts to being benched

(WVUE) - One of the major storylines to develop in the Saints 36-20 loss to New England, was the fact that the Saints benched safety Kenny Vaccaro midway through the game. Now after the game, Vaccaro said he didn't know why he was benched. Twenty-four hours later he still doesn't.

"Nothing. He said something in the media at Minnesota. So I guess I was already. I guess that was premeditated," said Vaccaro. "Like I said, I've been here the last four years. For three years we haven't played good defense. I mean I got to be better. If that means I have to be perfect so I can play on the field, then I got to keep studying, keep preparing so I can be perfect and play on the field."

Vaccaro has been the subject of trade rumors. The safety says he doesn't really read those trade reports, and says all that stuff will eventually work itself out.

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