Juan's World: Saints give up on Stephone Anthony

Juan's World: Saints give up on Stephone Anthony

(WVUE) - Welcome in to Juan's World and the signs were there a year ago. The 'sign' being... that the Saints had given up on Stephone Anthony.

He was traded to Miami Tuesday for a reported 5th round pick in the 2018 draft. A first round pick from three years ago, Anthony has been traded away after barely being used here. Seems like we've seen the Saints do this before. But, I won't go there.

In Anthony, the Saints 'thought' they had a do-it-all linebacker when they snagged him with the 31st overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. I mean, the 31st overall pick would suggest that Anthony could fix the Saints linebacker woes so no one questioned the team picking him that high. But, now that he's gone, shouldn't we 'now' question the team taking him that high?

Much of last season, Sean Payton said that Anthony had trouble with 'reading' the game. This is the same kid that, one year prior...or his rookie season, he led the team in total tackles with 144. That was the most tackles by 'any' rookie in the NFL. And yet, once his second season rolled around, the opinion(s) on Anthony had somehow changed.

He was now viewed as a liability at the position. He was no longer seen as a guy that could lead from the middle, so they tried, we think, to find a place for him, with no success.

And now things have come to a head and he's been sent packing, to the Miami Dolphins, a team they'll play in less than two weeks.

But, it still begs three questions from me. If Anthony didn't have what it takes to be a starter here, then why did you draft him in the first round? Why did you waste a pick on a guy that, three years later, can't get on the field with your team?

And, why did you 'not' see his deficiencies on his draft tape prior to picking him? Remember, the tape doesn't lie...or did it to Sean Payton, Mickey Loomis and all of the teams scouting department.

This is not a good look for the Saints. Yeah, they got themselves an eventual 2018 draft pick from the Dolphins. But, once again, this latest roster failure only serves as a reminder that this front office continues to be a major failure for its fans base.

P.S...Raise you hand if you expect Stephone Anthony to have a BIG GAME against the Saints in London. I've got two hands up!!!

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