Jim Henderson Commentary: Saints win big in Carolina

Jim Henderson Commentary: Saints win big in Carolina

LONDON (WVUE) - Sleep-deprived and jet-lagged, the Saints have arrived in London. But after an impressive victory in Charlotte on Sunday, feeling 'alright mate.'

The Saints travel sweats implored them with a written plea in the back that read "Find your desperation."

It wouldn't be that hard to locate. Just a glance at the standings in the NFC South, where no one had a defeat but them.

Where everyone had at least once victory, but them, would do. Just two games and two lackluster defeats into the season, they were looking up at all three of their division rivals, exactly where many expected them to finish it.

Another loss, this time to a division foe, and another 0-and-3 start, and it would be hard to argue otherwise. Same old Saints, another 7-9 season, at best, over before it had barely begun.

Desperate times produced a disparate performance. The team that hadn't a sack, got four. Hadn't an interception, got three. The team that had trailed by double digits the entire second half of both loses enjoyed that kind of breathing room for the final 30 minutes themselves in this one.

It remains to be seen if the pre-game show of unity on the part of some in sitting out the National Anthem instead divides this team and its fans. The Saints have left that behind geographically, but one wonders about internally. When the leader of your offense and the leader of your defense are of opposite persuasions, how much will it affect an entire team that finally looked to be on the same page.

We'll see, except for those folks who swear they won't ever be watching again if it means mixing pigskins with politics.

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