Juan's World: A Taste of Louisiana in London

Updated: Sep. 28, 2017 at 1:14 PM CDT
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LONDON (WVUE) - "The NFL is doing a great job of bringing the game to London and we will bring a little bit on the Wells culture as well which is obviously food and music," said Chef Taylor Lorio.

It's a combination that's always worked in New Orleans, so why not try and duplicate it in London.

The stage is set at the Boisdale for a fantastic week of tailgating and they're serving up dishes that are strictly New Orleans.

"They really like the flavors obviously it's strong and spicy; very distinct flavors and the response has been great," said Chef Lorio.

In other words it's been exactly as owner Dickie Brennan knew it would be. Nearly 40 years ago , he along with the late Chef Paul Prudhomme brought commanders palace to London.

It was a hit then, and four decades later, the second time around feels as good as the first.

Dickie Brennan 854. "They announced the Saints game was going to come, so I was like, all right we're going to re-create what I did with my dad 40 something years ago and now I'm here with my son and our team just bringing the taste of New Orleans to London. It's a great experience," said Dickie Brennan.

Richard Brennan 1558 "We are really blessed with the great food scene and great spirit of pregame, so to be able to lend some of what we get to enjoy, I think it's a little more exciting to go and see this game," said Richard Brennan.

This is the place to be in East London. They're serving food all week long and they're expecting a sold-out house. That's about 500 people per night about 3000 people total for the week leading up to Sunday's brunch just before kick-off.

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