Many Who Dats welcome Saints' plan for national anthem

Many Who Dats welcome Saints' plan for national anthem

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Even before the Saints took on the Dolphins across the pond Sunday morning, many in the Who Dat Nation had a close eye on their team. This, as controversy surrounding national anthem protests continue in the NFL.

Yet, this time, the Saints had a plan, one many fans believe worked well for this divisive issue.

The team announced, Friday, players would kneel *before the national then stand for the song.

"Number one, it shows solidarity and unity for us as a team...It pays respect to all. It pays respect to the cause of social injustice and inequality, and it pays respect to the flag of the United States of America. I hope that's the way it came across today, was paying respect for all," said Saints Quarterback Drew Brees.

It comes days after outrage sparked from last week's game, when 10 Saints sat for the Star Spangled Banner.

President Trump recently made remarks indicating players who didn't stand should be fired or suspended.

The team released a statement, calling the comments disappointing.
Some fans remain unphased by the controversy.

"I think that, if people are watching the NFL, it hasn't bothered them. I think that people who are bothered by it have stopped watching," said one fan.

Yet, other Who Dats are optimistic about the Saints' new, unified response.

"I think it was kind of interesting they had a plan set up beforehand. I think they should have just done what they felt," said another fan.

"I thought that struck a better note. The method of protest, I think is what became so controversial with people. And I think the issue got lost with the focus of method of the protest, not respecting the national anthem, not standing for the national anthem. This way, I think they were able to get their point across," said fan Russell Foster.

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