After Further Review: Crawley has solid game vs. Miami, film study

Updated: Oct. 4, 2017 at 6:10 PM CDT
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(WVUE) - Saints cornerback Ken Crawley's Sunday across the pond against the Dolphins was good. First off, he stepped in for a disciplined P.J. Williams and played every single defense snap, and his day got very active, very early. Of course he had the big interception which stole Miami's early momentum. After the game he attributed that play to film study. Our own film study backs that up. As soon Julius Thomas lined up solo on his side, with an empty backfield and Jay Cutler under center, he knew the fade was coming. On the snap, Crawley essentially ran Thomas' route to make what turned out to be an easy interception.

Before that Crawley struggled a bit with Devante Parker. Parker beat Crawley on two separate in cuts. On the first, Parker gained 15 yards after he simply used his strength to break away from Crawley on his cut. On the second Crawley was in better position, but Cutler placed the ball perfectly and Parker's big body shielded Crawley from making a play. All three catches that Crawley allowed on the day were to Parker.

He did get the best of him in the second quarter when Parker tried to run a comeback route. Crawley did an excellent job of keeping his hands on Parker within the five-yard zone. He then maintained his balance when Parker stopped his route, located the ball and nearly had his second interception of the day.

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