Elderly disabled man becomes home invasion victim in Central City

Elderly disabled man becomes home invasion victim in Central City
Updated: Oct. 10, 2017 at 4:44 PM CDT
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"When we heard the news last night, you could have picked everybody's jaw off the floor," Al Werger said.

People who live in the 2600 block of First Street are still in shock about a home invasion that unfolded Monday at 8 a.m. The victim was an 83-year-old disabled man.

"All of a sudden the person dashed to the back, knocked me down and knocked my walker over," the victim said.

The victim, who FOX 8 will not identify, says he was home alone at the time. His front door was unlocked and the intruder barged in and threw him to the floor.

"I didn't have a chance to even think. They did it so fast. I never had anybody do that to me. I was in shock the way they knocked me over on the floor. That was a good chance for them to take control over me because I couldn't get up," the victim said.

He said he struggled with the intruder and even screamed for help.

"I thought my next door neighbor would have heard me, but they didn't hear me. I kept saying, 'help, help,' but nobody heard me," the victim said.

The robber rummaged through the elderly man's pockets and found his wallet.

"All my credit cards and everything is gone. I kept too much stuff in my wallet. They ran back out of here, but they dropped their cap in the back," the victim said.

The victim said he isn't sure if the intruder was a man or a woman, but they took off running down the street. The 83-year-old struggled to get to a phone and call 911.

"I really didn't think that would ever happen. That was a shock to me," the victim said.

"They knocked him down and took all his money. What is the world coming to when you're going to do that to a sweet little old man?" Werger said.

The victim has been living in Central City for 33 years, and he's described as a staple in the neighborhood.

"He walks with a walker. He comes out and he feeds the pigeons every morning. Everybody knows him, and everybody loves him. The neighborhood is definitely on the watch. We would all like to have this person apprehended and taken to task for what they did to him because it's just not right," Werger said.

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