Witness recounts terrifying moments from officer involved shooting

Witness recounts terrifying moments from officer involved shooting

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Those who witnessed what happened Friday morning say it's something they'll never forget. The sound of gunshots, the sight of a SWAT team surrounding their building - neighbors say it was terrifying.

"Even now, I feel it, like I was right there again," said a witness.

FOX 8 is concealing the person's identity.

"I remember hearing gunshots when I was little. I was here for Katrina but, no. There's nothing that'll probably top this situation."

It was the middle of the night when gunshots rang out - something residents are used to in New Orleans East.

But this was different.

"It sounded like they were right outside my window, like, they were right there," said the witness. "I paused. I honestly held my breath for a second, then I heard screaming."

It wasn't panic, but the sound of officers yelling at a suspect.

"You could tell they were trying to stop somebody. You know, like, 'Freeze, put your hands up,'" the neighbor said.

The street went silent, then the witness remembers the sound of shuffling outside.

"Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom! 'Open up!' I paused. I froze. I didn't know was it my door? Was it the neighbor's?" recalled the witness.

There was silence again. It was over, or so they thought. The witness could hear police telling people to get indoors.

"I'm not going outside. I'm not going to any windows. I didn't even wanna breathe too loud," said the neighbor. "I just sat there and I prayed. What else are you going to do?"

The witness finally got up the courage to peek outside. Around every corner, a SWAT officer was peering back.

"You saw them and you didn't hear nothing, nothing at all, until they came knocking on the door."

Police pulled them from the home.

"'You gotta go. Let's go. Let's go. Gotta clear the building,'" the person recalled.

They were met with a shocking scene.

"There was blood everywhere. Everywhere."

New Orleans police say Officer Marcus McNeil was shot and killed by 30-year-old Darren Bridges. They say officers returned fire, injuring Bridges.

The witness waited outside SWAT's perimeter for hours until the ordeal ended.

Even now, it's hard to understand what happened.

"I'm still trying to wrap my mind around everything that went on," said the witness.

Yet, it's even more difficult to know a life was lost.

"Most men are taught not to show their emotions, but to see all these officers out there hurt," the witness said. "He didn't deserve that."

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