Slain NOPD officer tasered suspect before he was shot and killed

Bridges arrest warrant

Police investigators used video footage of Officer Marcus McNeil's killing to piece together exactly how everything unfolded on the scene in the 6800 block of Cindy Place early Friday morning.

"At or about 12:14, our officers were in the area of Tara Lane and Cindy Place and encountered the arrested subject," Chief Michael Harrison said.

According to the arrest warrant obtained by FOX 8, suspect Darren Bridges dropped a backpack he was carrying. The officer deployed his taser, striking Bridges. The taser appeared ineffective and the physical struggle to gain control of Bridges continued.

According to the warrant, "During the struggle, several gunshots are heard. The officer can be heard screaming, and there was a momentary pause, then a single gunshot and no further response from the officer."

"We had officers to return fire. At least one officer, perhaps more, returned fire striking that subject who fled," Harrison said.

Police say Bridges ran to a nearby apartment complex and entered an apartment.

"We pursued him to that area and surrounded the apartment. We contained that area until the SWAT team arrived. There was a peaceful surrender several hours later," Harrison said.

According to the warrant, "It should be noted that the deceased officer's firearm was still secured in his holster at the time he was discovered."

Inside the apartment, police say they discovered Bridges' unique firearm and the clothes he was wearing when Officer McNeil was killed. Inside the backpack discarded by Bridges, the warrant states police found crack, cocaine, heroin and several pills.

"Right now all of our attention, all of our energy is to make sure we conduct a transparent, thorough and fair investigation but also tend to the needs of this family because we are going to have to bury our officer in the upcoming days," Harrison said.

Bridges remains in the hospital. He's booked with first-degree murder, felon with a firearm and drug charges.

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