NOPD: Non-fatal shootings up, murders down from this time last year

Number of shootings in New Orleans this year
Updated: Oct. 20, 2017 at 6:31 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Another violent night in New Orleans ended with three more shooting victims in the city.

The NOPD says while non-fatal shootings are on the rise, they've seen a significant drop in the murder rate.

We're protecting the identity of this witness for his safety. He tells us he's never seen anything like what happened Thursday night at a New Orleans East gas station.

"I looked up and he's just spraying bullets across the parking lot," the witness said.

He says the suspect opened fire in a full parking lot.

"It was a young kid, it was kids, it was like four kids in the back of a little small car," he said."He was firing at this blue Durango with tinted windows."

According to the witness, an off-duty delivery driver was hit in the cross fire.

"He was going into shock and he was falling off his truck and we were trying to hold him up and everything," the witness said.

New Orleans police say as of Tuesday, there have been 387 victims of non-fatal shootings this year. There have been 125 murders, most of those according to police, were the result of gun violence. While shootings are up 19 percent from last year, the NOPD says the murder rare is down 9 percent.

"Can they sustain it and how do they sustain it? The other elephant in the room is will the next mayor, mayor Cantrell or mayor Charbonnet, will they continue what's working, or could we see a reversal of the tactics that finally, thank the Lord, seem to be working?" said LSU Health Criminologist Peter Scharf.

The NOPD says the victim in Thursday night's gas station shooting was shot in his arm and abdomen. There's no word on his condition.

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