Judge won't reconsider Boys ruling, sends jail tapes to mental health team

Judge won't reconsider Boys ruling, sends jail tapes to mental health team

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - An man accused of killing a New Orleans police officer was back in court Monday morning after being ruled incompetent to stand trial.

Travis Boys is accused of killing NOPD officer Daryle Holloway two years ago.

Judge Karen Herman ruled Boys was incompetent to stand trial last week after an incident involving his own excrement.

Over the weekend, the fourth circuit court of appeals and supreme court of Louisiana upheld Herman's incompetency ruling.

Boys's trial on a first degree murder charge was supposed to begin Monday morning but last week, Herman ruled boys incompetent after he snuck a bag of his own feces into court in the middle of jury selection. He smeared it on his face and even ate some of it.

Herman said she already made her ruling on Travis Boys competency and cant change it at this point no matter what evidence the state presents.

The state appealed her ruling on Friday with a jail tape from the day of the feces incident.

The state claimed that the tape showed Boys planned the incident and is completely aware of what he's doing

Herman said based on the law, she can't take back her ruling after it's been made.

Herman did review the tapes and has determined them to be authentic and have sent them to the mental health team that will ultimately determine whether or not Boys is competent.

A final mental status hearing has been set for Thursday, November 30th.

If Boys is found competent, his trial might not start until the new year.