City fixes problem underpass long known for flooding

City fixes problem underpass long known for flooding

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The problem underpass on Canal Boulevard got a quick fix after city crews found a leaky pipe in September and started repairs in early October.

The work is done now, but residents say it's been a problem since much longer than last month.

Gary King teaches guitar just feet away from the underpass, and for at least a decade has watched it flood more times than he can count.

"During a normal rain, maybe four or five inches, it would just pour out of the side and you've seen that, but in a real heavy rain, almost like a flooding situation, it will blow out of the ground the size of the sewer opening, almost five or six feet in the air," King said.

FOX 8 captured video that appears to show the drain pipe issue over a series of month dating back to April of 2016.

The city says the problem only came to their attention in September and they worked quickly to rectify the situation, repairing two 30-inch drain pipes and repaving the concrete around the area.

Now residents are pleased the work is done and are hopeful the problem won't happen again.

"Well I lived with it for 10 years and it was pouring out of the ground, it looks much better. They spent a lot of time on it. They did it right," King said.

The project came in under budget at $105,000, about $45,000 less than the city initially reported the fix would cost.It took about two weeks to complete.

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