Jim Henderson's Black & Gold Breakdown: Bears at Saints

Jim's Black and Gold Breakdown: Chicago Bears

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Last week, Drew Brees threw the 500th touchdown pass of his career .  At the rate Bears' rookie quarterback Mitch Trubisky is throwing touchdowns, he would have to play in the NFL for 45 seasons.  To say that the Bears are bringing their first-round draft choice along slowly is to say glaciers are mercurial in speed.

In last week's victory over the Panthers, Trubisky threw all of 7 passes.  He completed four - just as many completions as sacks that he took. His wide receivers, who have a total of one touchdown catch in seven games, caught one ball for one yard.

In this era of spread offenses and wide open attacks, the Bears' offense is not so much "last year" as it is "last century."

And yet, under Trubisky they have won two of three with a current two-game winning streak being their first since 2015. For a team that hasn't had a winning season since 2012 and with three victories in seven games this season, they have already won as many as all of last year.

They have done so on the backs of a strong and patient running game and a defense that hasn't allowed a touchdown in the last nine quarters, and a defense that has forced six turnovers in the last two games with three of those producing touchdowns.

The Bears have won their last two because that conservative offense and that play-making defense have taken a ton of pressure off Trubisky.  He hasn't been asked to win the game, only not to lose it. Someday he will have to bear that burden. The Saints' task is to make sure that day is Sunday. And then to make sure that at least for now - he can't.

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