Jim Henderson Commentary:Saints victorious over Bears

Updated: Oct. 30, 2017 at 4:09 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - This is a Monday unlike any other Monday in New Orleans in 89 years.  It's the first Monday we are without Fats Domino, who died one week ago tomorrow.

And so I thought the Saints' tribute to him yesterday was so "spot on."  From his hits that sold over 65 million records playing in and around the game, to the "Fats" stickers affixed to the Saints' helmets, to Sean Payton's post-game remarks about him and his legacy.

"Spot on."

How nice it was to hear lyrics played over the PA system that you could actually understand. How appropriate to honor a man who was uniquely one of our own.  How interesting to listen to professor Payton's history lesson.  The Vikings might have Case Keenum at quarterback . For a day, we had Casey Kasem as our coach. American Top 40 couldn't have done it better.

Monday inspired some of Fats' hits with which Saints fans can identify.  "Blue Monday" after a loss, "Fell in Love on Monday" after a win. Payton was right that Fats' shyness and humility probably caused him never to get the recognition he deserved in life. But his contribution to rock 'n roll should never be forgotten - certainly not here.

And so wouldn't it be appropriate to end every Saints game in the Dome the rest of this season with one of his hits - maybe "Whole Lotta Lovin" in victory.  "Ain't that a shame:" after a rare defeat.

It would remind everyone to stick around to the final second.  Because the game isn't over till the Fat Man sings.

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