Neighbors react to fatal shooting at late night birthday party in Kenner

Neighbors react to fatal shooting at late night birthday party in Kenner
Updated: Nov. 5, 2017 at 10:41 PM CST
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KENNER, LA (WVUE) - One teen is dead, another is behind bars. A shooting at a Sweet 16 birthday party in a quiet Kenner neighborhood has a family in mourning and locals in shock.

"This neighborhood is so quiet like, right now how it is, it's always like this," said resident Nakita Roby.

Yet windows, broken by bullets, tell a different story.

"The gunshots woke me up," said neighbor Ezshauyna Thomas. "When we first heard it, people were running, you know, like towards their cars. They were just trying to get away from the situation. We heard people saying, 'stop, no!'"

Gunfire awoke this sleepy street in Kenner, close to 11 p.m. Saturday.

Police say teens were celebrating the party at the Council on Aging, when an argument broke out about neighborhood rivalries.

"There was an off-duty police officer walking at this location. We had individuals who came and told the officer there was a disturbance at Sixth and Compromise. The officer was exiting and begin to hear gunshots and found the victim laying on the ground at Sixth and Compromise," said Lt. Brian McGregor.

Officers say that victim was Jontrell Wells, only 18-years-old.

Neighbors are in disbelief.

"Still a baby. It was devastating, real devastating," Thomas said.

"It could have been anybody's kid. I feel so bad for the family," said Roby.

Kenner Police say the officer there tried to revive Wells, but he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

They point to 17-year-old Renee Kevon Holloway as one of the individuals responsible. However, police say, with multiple casings from different caliber guns found at the scene, officers are looking for more suspects.

Meanwhile, locals are still shaken, hoping they've seen the last of the violence in their neighborhood.

"It's just a shock because things like that don't happen over here," Roby said.

"It scared me because I've never heard gunshots over here. Yeah, it scares me a lot," said Thomas.

Kenner police say parents shut the party down twice and even had people checking guests and backpacks when they arrived to make sure people weren't armed

No word on whether any of the suspects got in with a gun.

Holloway is charged with second-degree murder.

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