After Further Review: Saints are no fluke

Updated: Nov. 6, 2017 at 5:04 AM CST
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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - There's no such things as a fluky six-game win streak in the NFL.

I repeat, there's no such thing as a fluky six-game win streak in the NFL.

I say this because as the weeks go by and the wins keep mounting, the 'yeah but' excuses to their victories are getting harder to defend.

Against Carolina, Cam Newton was hurt. Against Detroit, Matt Stafford was gimpy, and they nearly blew a 35-point lead. Against Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers was out. Chicago started a rookie quarterback. And Sunday, Tampa Bay has just fallen apart.

All are true storylines, and there's no denying this team has caught a few breaks. Every successful team does. But put their opponents' exact scenarios but play them against the 2016 Saints over these last six weeks and they're not winning six in a row.


That's why I'm buying the 2017 version at the midway point. They have THAT mojo back. They don't step on the field hoping to win. They step on the field knowing they can.

On Sunday it felt like the Superdome finally sensed it too where the energy level  reached 2009-2011 proportions.

"It has been fantastic. The crowd has been outstanding. It's exciting. It is our job to go out there, perform, and play well," Sean Payton said afterward.

With that kind of confidence on the field and that kind of electricity in the stands, you get what happened Sunday. The Saints dominated the Bucs, a division rival desperate to save their season, 30-10. This came in a contest where the Saints made many foolish mistakes.

Still, by the midway point of the third quarter, there was really never a doubt.

As for those doubters still out there, do so at your own risk. The Saints keep winning and are showing no signs of slowing down.

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