Lead detective on Mark Hambrick case: 'He said on the message, he stabbed her.'

Updated: Nov. 7, 2017 at 10:18 PM CST
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The lead detective in the Mark Hambrick case reveals new details about the gruesome killing of an 18-month-old little girl that shocked the community.

Detective Nigel Badoo testified that the 911 call, made by Hambrick himself, was so unusual that responding officers at first thought it was a joke until they arrived on the scene.

The detective said after being arrested, Hambrick remained calm and only cried once during an interview with investigators. Badoo said Hambrick explained how he stabbed his 18-month-old daughter six times in the chest. The detective says Hambrick then decided to call an attorney and left a voice message about what he'd done.

Detective Badoo testified, "He said on the message, he stabbed her. She's dying and you could hear the little girl crying in the background."

Police say Hambrick eventually suffocated the little girl.

Detective Badoo testified that Hambrick told police GOD told him to do it so the state would kill him and he'd be resurrected. Public Defender Barksdale Hortenstine pointed out to the court that Hambrick had a Master's Degree and worked as an internal audit analyst for the Sewerage and Water Board. The attorney told the court, "His proudest achievement was his little girl. Ask anyone and they'll say, Mark was a devoted father. He's an inspiration to this friends, so how did we get here? Well, Judge Mr. Hambrick was having a conversation with GOD. Mr. Hambrick has had a psychotic break."

The public defender went on to point out to the court that a second degree murder charge requires intent, and he said, "If he was acting under the delusion, he did not have intent."

The judge, though, ruled that there was probable cause for a 2nd degree murder charge and aggravated 2nd degree cruelty to a juvenile.

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