Lakeview residents frustrated with frequent water leaks

Lakeview residents frustrated with frequent water leaks

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Frustrations along with water are rising for some in Lakeview. A man is taking to social media in hopes of holding the sewerage and water board accountable for their street that he said needs major repairs.

After months of complaints, the Water and Sewerage Board said they will repair the road Thursday.

It may sound like a babbling brook, but it's water rushing through the cracks on Colbert street.

Arthur Boisfontaine posted a video on Facebook Wednesday morning, showing just how bad the problem is.

In the video water is seen flowing out of cracks and off of the curb, flooding parts of the street.

He says he's called this city many times, but nothing gets done.

"Our street is about to collapse," said Boisfontaine. "You can hear the water flow underneath the concrete."

Water is spouting through the cracks non-stop like little fountains.

"This part of the street right here had caved in before, and the last time that it did they put a band aid on it, and there's no action," said Boisfontaine, as he pointed to the problem.

He says the street has looked this way for months.

"We're fed up with it," he said. "This block here alone probably pays $200,000 in taxes a year."

He says it's even affecting water use next door.

"We have a neighbor right here who's having back up in her dishwasher that she hadn't used in two days, and they're also having water pressure issues," Boisfontaine added.

Sean Delaune lives down the street, and says this is a part of a larger problem that's been going on for years.

"For three years we've been requesting and they've been making promises to fix the street, and we haven't seen any action," Delaune said.

Delaune says the city has funding for the repairs.

He said, "They received the money to fix the roads and to fix the streets, and nothing's being done about it."

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