After Further Review: The Saints aren’t just good, they’re dominant

Updated: Nov. 12, 2017 at 6:42 PM CST
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BUFFALO, NY (WVUE) - Newsflash: The Saints aren't just winning, they're dominating.

Think back to the last seven games, when was the last time you feared a loss during a game?

Go ahead....I'll wait.

True, Detroit had a crazy comeback, but come on? The Saints were always in control. Yes, the Bears hung around late. But like I wrote that Sunday, I never felt like at any point they had the firepower to come back and win. Green Bay hung around, but the Saints ultimately took control by the fourth quarter in that win.

Combine that with blowouts over Carolina, Miami, Tampa Bay and now Buffalo and you have the makings of not a good team but a dominant one.

The numbers are astounding. During their seven-game streak, the Saints' average margin of victory is 18 points. Only once (against the Bears) was the final outcome a one possession margin. Once.

And remember for three of those wins, the Saints lost the turnover battle.

Sunday, was their best effort yet. In the cold, on the road, and in a hostile environment, the Saints completely dominated a Buffalo team that had not lost in this building this season.

They also did it in soul-crushing fashion. The Saints didn't use the sexy bells and whistles they've become known for. Instead, their offensive line took complete control of the line of scrimmage and they just pounded and pounded away against a very respectable Bills defense.

The final tally was 48 carries for 298 rushing yards for an average of 6.2 yards per carry. They had not one, but two 100-yard rushers and scored six rushing touchdowns, a new franchise record. Even Trey Edmunds and Drew Brees got in on the rushing touchdown party.

On defense, they completely shut down Tyrod Taylor and LeSean McCoy. It was all too much for the Bills mafia who hit the exits early .

Let's not get crazy though. Eventually the close game is coming. It could be next week against Washington or certainly in two weeks out west in LA.

When it does, hopefully they'll be ready. But until that time comes, they can enjoy the fact they're not just beating teams.

They're dominating them.

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