Jim Henderson's Commentary: Saints trounce Bills

Jim Henderson's Commentary: Saints trounce Bills

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The typical NFL game features thrusts and parries, advances and retreats, one team rising and shining while the other is deflated and dull, only to swap positions as momentum changes.

Yesterday, there was none of that. Yesterday was a beat-down by the visitors that could hardly have been more thorough or convincing. You  come into the home stadium in the coldest weather of the season to face the only team in the AFC that hasn't lost on its home turf and was healthy while coming off 10 days of rest?

And you do that to them?

Ingram and Kamara, the "twin terrors," each rushing for over 100 yards and four touchdowns between them. Six in all on the ground. Drew Brees throwing for his fewest yards of the season and no touchdowns, and the Saints winning by 37 points? Really?

The Bills going eight straight possessions without crossing midfield? While the Saints' offense waxed consistent, so did the Bills' defense consistently wane. While the Saints' confidence swelled, the Bills' contracted. As the Saints steadfastly and relentlessly imposed their will, the crowd shrank faster than Tyrod Taylor's quarterback rating.

That was some serious shrinkage. I noted the stands beginning to empty with 8:24 left in the third quarter. Only a few thousand frigid fans were still around to see Trey Edmunds bring a climactic end to the Saints' scoring orgy to make it 47-3. Which prompted the Bills' most popular play of the day - a naked bootleg.

He was eventually brought down after even more buffalo missed tackles. He was ecstatically proud of his forward progress. But by then we had all seen enough

No one - thankfully - called for a measurement.

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