Jim Henderson's Commentary: Saints get crazy win over Washington

Henderson Commentary: Saints top Washington in comeback fashion

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - "There's something happening here.  What it is ain't exactly clear."

It was half a century ago that a Vietnam protest song made that observation. It's 50 years since then. It's seven years since the Saints won the Super Bowl, but the same feeling grows as you had in 2009.

There are just too many similarities to that magical season to ignore.  The challenge for Sean Payton and Drew Brees is to suppress that comparison while everyone who roots for this team embraces it - falling more in love with the notion with every victory.

Payton, Brees, Morestead, Daniel, Strief. That's about all who are still around from super bowl 44. So it's not like you have to convince nearly everyone on the roster that destiny doesn't necessarily ride again for the Black and Gold. But it has to be impossible for those five not to find analogies between the two seasons. Catching teams at the right time.  Over-powering some opponents, as the Saints did last week. Over-coming them with improbable comebacks as they did yesterday.

After the 7 and 2 Rams crashed to earth yesterday in a one-sided loss to the Vikings, their veteran tackle Andrew Whitworth said, "We needed adversity."

After the 7 and 2 Saints continued to soar by overcoming the Redskins, they said the same thing. Maybe they needed adversity too. And yesterday they got it - but in victory - as improbable a victory as the Saints have ever scored.

At one point in yesterday's game, the Saints' win probability was less than 1 percent. As a franchise, when the Saints trailed by 14 or more in the fourth quarter, they were zero-233-and 1.

For what it's worth. There's something happening here.

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