Locals buck Black Friday traditions in favor of Thanksgiving shopping

Locals buck Black Friday traditions in favor of Thanksgiving shopping
Updated: Nov. 23, 2017 at 11:06 PM CST
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METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - After the Thanksgiving turkey, locals flocked to find the best deals at department stores across the metro area. For many shoppers, Black Friday is a thing of the past. They say there are far fewer people to compete with and the deals are just as good. It's why many say they're opting for a different tradition-- shopping on Thanksgiving.

"I put them all in family order of what I have to buy," said shopper Pam Burdett.

Burdett has a system.

"First, we sit down for breakfast or lunch, my daughter and I. We have our Thanksgiving dinner the night before on Wednesday so we can get up and shop," Burdett explained. "We have our spreadsheets for… ideas, whether we've ordered them or if they've been delivered, whether we've purchased them and then when we wrap them."

For some, shopping on Thanksgiving Day has become a tradition.

"I take them, they pick out somewhere they want to go and will leave early on Thanksgiving afternoon or whatever to go wait in line to get in," said shopper Gail Airhart.

This year, Airhart's girls picked Victoria's Secret and, as planned, they're at the front of the line.

"I'd rather just come on Thanksgiving day, get it over with and then I'm good," said Airhart.

Other shoppers are first-timers.

"She's going to get to the $75 and I'm going to get the free bag. And no, I never do this but I really want the bag," explained Jennifer April.

They're looking for something to do once the turkey settles.

"After you eat, it becomes boring and there's nothing to do. And there's a sale so I just came to the mall," said Zeina Shokr.

But shopping on a full stomach does present its own challenges, often requiring a little downtime before hitting the stores.

"We kind of worked it out. We've been dancing a little bit, second lining. He's trying to teach me how to second line," said Kathy Gills.

Yet, for some, nothing will stand in the way of their Thanksgiving tradition.

"It's all about Christmas for the grandkids," Airhart said.

"We shop all day today, through the night, through tomorrow. And usually, we get home late tomorrow night. We usually have a massage planned for us late tomorrow," said Burdett.

Certain stores won't open until Black Friday, like Dillard's, Academy and TJ Maxx. You can find a full list of retailers and their hours here.

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