Historic 2017 Hurricane Season ends

Historic 2017 Hurricane Season ends
Source: Your Weather Authority
Source: Your Weather Authority

(WVUE) - The 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season ended Thursday, marking one of the most historic seasons since 2012.

Developments in the tropics started several weeks before the beginning of the season. Tropical Storm Arlene developed in the Atlantic on April 20.

May was relatively calm, while two tropical storms developing at the official beginning of the season in June.

In July, Tropical Storm Emily made landfall on Florida's West Coast.

The season began ramping up in August with the first hurricane forming on Aug. 9. Hurricane Franklin brought heavy rains to Mexico, but quickly weakened.

The first major Hurricane of the season was Hurricane Harvey on Aug. 25. Harvey devastated the Texas coast for six days with constant heavy rain that caused deadly flooding.

Irma then became a tropical storm on Aug. 30. The storm quickly strengthened to a devastating category five storm that ripped through the Caribbean, bringing death and destruction to the Florida Keys.

There were 134 deaths as a result of the storm.

Things continued to get worse in September. Hurricane Maria made landfall in the Caribbean as a category five storm before annihilating Puerto Rico. There were widespread power outages that continue to be problematic for Puerto Rico residents.

Maria had sustained winds of 155 mph winds. The death toll in Puerto Rico was raised to 58 just hours ago.

The season stayed extremely active all the way through October. Hurricane Nate made landfall along the Gulf Coast, causing damage to Biloxi and parts of Mobile, Alabama. Hurricane Ophelia barreled towards the British Isles before weakening as it made landfall in Ireland.

In total, 2017 had 17 named storms, and 10 hurricanes. Six of those hurricanes were considered major with two being deadly category five monsters.

The last time a Hurricane season was this active was in 2012 with 19 tropical storms and 10 named hurricanes.

The official last day of Hurricane Season is November 30.