Jim Henderson's Saints Commentary: Saints vs Falcons

Jim Henderson's Saints Commentary: Saints vs Falcons

(WVUE) - It took 12 games before the Saints saw the Falcons for the first time this season. It'll only take one before they see them again.

When next they do on Christmas Eve, Santa will be looking forward to his milk and cookies while Saints fans everywhere will be looking for their just desserts, the victory their heroes were deserving of last night, this time with the full participation of those players who were deprived of it because of an avalanche of injury.

The line of Saints seeking to get into the trainer's room on Airline Drive this week will be longer than the Walmart on Veterans Boulevard. Hopefully many can be made whole in the next ten days before the Jets can visit or enough can while sitting out a Saints victory to be ready for the Falcons.

If this fiery rivalry needed any more stoking it got last night. The Falcons were the more desperate team and got the victory. But Saints fans will never acknowledge that they earned it. Not with the Saints lineup in tatters approaching a congressional roll call. Not with an overly officious officiating crew penalizing the Saints from everything from unsportsmanlike conduct to wearing white after Labor Day.

It won't be like that here Christmas Eve if the wish lists of Saints fan prevail. Here, there will be real Saints fans in every seat. Here, every flag thrown on the Saints, and there won't be many, will be obviously deserved. Here, the best players will be ready willing and able to snap a three-game losing streak against the visitors.

That's not too much to ask, is it? I mean, it's not like we're asking for a pony or a Nintendo NES.

Come on. How about it?

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