VIDEO: Masked gunmen rob Wagner's Meat

VIDEO: Masked gunmen rob Wagner's Meat

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - "They came in at the perfect time. We had, like, a couple of customers at first, and they came right in after they left," says Moe Askar.

It was just before midnight when two masked gunmen charged into Wagner's Meat on St. Claude Avenue. Moe Askar is the owner's brother. He says the two gunmen demanded money from the register.

"So, one came with a gun pointed at him saying open the register. The other one came in and went right behind him, saying open the register or I'll get it open," says Askar.

The cashier immediately complied, but Askar says the cashier was very nervous.

"He tried to struggle one time, and he opened the register twice. He gave them the whole drawer," says Askar.

Within seconds, the robbers grabbed the entire drawer of money and took off. Askar says Wagner's is a staple in the Lower Ninth Ward.

"It's like family. Even out of town people come here and visit us. People tell us they're coming back because people like our service, and we're always good to them," says Askar.

This wasn't the first time someone robbed the business at gunpoint. Surveillance video from June of last year showed a man enter the store around 3 a.m. with a black shirt or cloth over his face, but he didn't disguise his identity for long.

"He came around the counter and tried to open the cash register. He couldn't open the cash register. As a customer walked in, he came from around the counter and acted like he was a customer waiting until the customer left," says Eddie Askar.

The man eventually confronted the cashier, pulled out a gun and demanded money. No one was hurt in that armed robbery, but Askar says the two incidents now have everyone on edge.

"Everybody knows that we are good people, and I can't believe that this happened to us. It's really unfortunate," says Askar.

People are still searching for the robbers.

If you know anything call Crimestopppers at 822-1111.