After Further Review: From 0-2 to the playoffs, Saints prove doubters wrong

After Further Review: From 0-2 to the playoffs, Saints prove doubters wrong

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Drew Brees had a subtle dig at the Saints doubters of 2017 in his postgame press conference Sunday.

"I think we've overcome a lot, especially early on when you guys asked us about another 0-2 start," he said.

I'll admit it, I was one of them.

At 0-2, I was definitely thinking the worst of this Saints team. It was the fourth year in a row they began a season that way. But this year's version felt much different than the previous three. Those years they lost by close margins in games they could have and probably should have won. Against the Vikings and Patriots this season, they looked completely outclassed with double digit defeats in each game.

Four years in a row at 0-2 and the previous three led to 7-9 seasons, how could anyone not think the worse?

Then they got one win in Carolina. Nice, but I wasn't convinced. They got their second in London against Miami. A record of 2-2 was great but no way was I buying them until they got over five hundred.

That day finally came on October 15th, in a wild win over Detroit. It had been over 1300 days since the last time they had more wins than losses on their record at any point in the season. Still, I was guarded. It was an important milestone, but I wasn't ready to go all in.

A win the following week over an Aaron Rodgers-less Green Bay team got me closer but not all the way. A 20-12 victory over Chicago against a rookie quarterback making his second start was fine but still, I wasn't quite there.

It took a 30-10 drumming at home over Tampa Bay to get them to 6-2 to finally make me a believer. A beat down in Buffalo only enhanced the feeling that this team was a contender.

Flash forward to Christmas Eve. The wins are now up to 11 as the Saints were dominant once again. They physically beat up their biggest rival, another playoff-caliber team, in front of an electric crowd to punch their postseason ticket for the first time since 2013.

It's a spot many back in September thought wouldn't happen. They successfully proved their doubters wrong.

I'll admit it, I was one of them.

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