Shoppers back at stores after Christmas to finish wish lists

Shoppers back at stores after Christmas to finish wish lists

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - The gifts have been unwrapped and Christmas is officially over, but retailers are still fully staffed and trying to draw customers into their stores.

They might think the day after Christmas would be when holiday shopping would start to die down, but that is actually not the case at all.

There are two major factors driving customers back into stores the day after Christmas.

The first one is returns.

Whether that new sweater is the wrong size or you were gifted two of the same things, retailers will have extra staff on hand ready to take your return.

The National Retail Federation says 40 percent of Americans do their Christmas returns Tuesday and Wednesday, so be prepared to wait.

The other thing driving customers into stores is gift cards.

According to, more than $140 billion in gift cards were given as gifts this year.

Several retailers still have deals going on now to tempt you to use that new gift card on something for yourself.

The deals do not stop there however, they'll last through the new year and then stores will switch gears and start offering deals for that Valentine's Day gift.

That's just 7 weeks away.