Family mourns loss of baby boy, pregnant mom killed in holiday crash

Family mourns loss of baby boy, pregnant mom killed in holiday crash
Jillian Ramsay
Jillian Ramsay

HAMMOND, LA (WVUE) - The survivor of a crash that left both his fiancee and child dead is devastated as he recovers in the hospital.

The driver accused of causing the crash, 36-year-old Jillian Ramsay, has been booked with vehicular homicide, as well as charges in another Christmas Eve wreck in Tangipahoa Parish. Her bond was set at $228,000 Christmas Day. She remains in custody.

"I don't remember nothing until I woke up here. I just want my babies back. I want both of my babies and my wife so bad, I just miss them so much. That was my life, them two. That was all I wanted around me," Ryan McCollum said.

Police believe Ramsay was drunk when she crashed into McCollum's car. Now both families are left to pick up the pieces of losing Shelly Mulkey and her son.

"She was an angel both of them, and then our unborn grandchild. He was just starting to pull himself up and start walking. I mean he was learning fast," said Shelly's mother, Rochelle Mulkey.

"He was a very unique child. I mean any time you seen him he was happy. If I felt bad or something and I get around him, I just had to smile," said Shelly's father, Billy Mulkey.

McCollum said he had just proposed to Shelly that morning.

"Shelly was happy, always loving, cared for everybody. My baby, all he did was smile even if he just woke up out of a night's sleep, he was waking up smiling, just happy," McCollum said.

"She was our only baby girl. We got other kids, boys, but she was the only baby, and baby girl," Rochelle said.

Shelly's father said their holidays will be forever marked by this tragedy.

"Our lives will never be the same. Go home to our Christmas tree, pile of gifts there," Billy said.

Shelly's parents said she would have turned 20 in February. The family says they are planning a funeral for Saturday.